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What you need to compete better ……

Enterprise Solutions helps any organization to address their fundamental business and process management challenges and then enables those improvement programs with technology. Such enterprise solutions require experienced management, wide range of skill sets, selection of suitable and current technology that would endure the test of time and wholehearted commitment.

Companies looking to move into Enterprise Solutions can end their search for a solution here.

Powerosft’s CES is the beginning to the end, with a mission to help improve the competitiveness of its customers, enabling them to thrive in the New Economy and focus on providing end-to-end solutions, in areas of, e-Customer Relationship Management (eCRM), Document and Knowledge Management (DKM), Web Services, Content and Portal Management (CPM), Order Processing and Billing Systems and general enterprise wide resource management.
Powerosft’s CES ensures business success of its customers, not merely by successful functional deployment of IT but by addressing the following:

  • Strategic Excellence
    Powerosft’s takes responsibilities of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross functional decisions from organizations to achieve their objectives through technology conversion.
  • Operational Excellence
    Powerosft’s CES helps its customers design and implement new generation business processes, using principles of Business Process Redesign. Powerosft CES specializes in building business processes through its state-of-the-art e-business technologies, rather than merely automate existing anachronistic processes.
  • IT Architecting, Implementation and Maintenance
    To support new generation business processes, Powerosft CES undertakes the entire lifecycle of IT implementation activities, from architecting complex IT systems, to implementing them and taking care of post-implementation maintenance.
  • Change Management
    Powerosft’s CES attaches great importance to the human dimension of the transition associated with the change brought about by Strategic Excellence, Operational Excellence and IT Implementation.

Powerosft’s consulting methodologies incorporate Change Management techniques to ensure successful transition can be sustained.

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In general there are no off the shelf software solutions that will suit a client's need. Powerosft understands this and has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who can analyze your requirements, find the right tools and build a customized user friendly system for you.
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