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Powersoft Head Start – Partnering with ISVs and Software Product Companies.

Bringing software innovation to life and accelerating time-to-market for product companies.
Internet Product Engineering Services

  • Product Development: we provide development from architecture to release and partial or full product life cycle development based on your requirements and unique needs.
  • Product Enhancement: we support product improvements and additional features based on market demand and specific client implementation.
  • Product Migration: we undertake your entire process of migration of a fully developed client-server product to web technology, smart devices and mobile-enablement or from old technology to new technology platforms.
  • Product Testing: we assure your product quality by being your third party testing team, from unit and modular testing to performance and integrated functionality testing.
  • Product Maintenance: we ensure that your clients have the valued post implementation support; we provide product maintenance services too.
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In general there are no off the shelf software solutions that will suit a client's need. Powersoft understands this and has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who can analyze your requirements, find the right tools and build a customized user friendly system for you.
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