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Powersoft offers services in the area of Database design, database backup and recovery, database maintenance and Optimization of SQL for efficient search.
Below are few general points on which we focus most for Database related application development.

Selection of Data Base:
Powersoft gives the prime most importance to the activity of the selection of the Data Base for the business requirement. This requires a detail understanding of the application requirement of the customer application and its roadmap to the future.

Physical Design and Creation:
Powersoft will consult and develop the physical design and develops the business models of database and then reviews schemas with the end users before finalizing database backbone.

Production Support:
In conjunction with the customer Sys-Admin, Powersoft will support and troubleshoot problems associated with the day to day sunning of DBMS. This requires resolving resource allocation conflicts on production issues.

Performance Tuning:
In collaboration with the Sys-admin, Powersoft will examine and conduct investigations necessary to identify problems and bottlenecks to recommend fine-tuning of the performance of the database.

Access Privileges:
Powersoft will develop the Policy based access privileges and then grant and restrict access appropriately to the user groups. Powersoft will also assist developers in assigning user roles and providing security for applications.

Database Backup & Recovery:
Powersoft will formulate the policy for backup and storage and then based on policy will schedule and monitor backups and recoveries of databases.
Powersoft will examine new releases of systems and database software, understand the features offered and the stability of the release, and recommend whether to install an upgrade or defer installation. This will also involve coordinating with other developers on remote for pre-release testing of production systems.

Database Annual Maintenance Service

Powersoft will take up the ongoing maintenances in following area:

  1. Provide database expertise in solving development problems.
  2. Do production online migrations.
  3. Do database restructures.
  4. Update schemas and sub schemas.
  5. Do area sizing, re-sizing, reconfigurations and rebuilds.
  6. Monitoring and enhancements requirements of the database.
  7. Perform ongoing performance tuning for the best performance.
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In general there are no off the shelf software solutions that will suit a client's need. Powersoft understands this and has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who can analyze your requirements, find the right tools and build a customized user friendly system for you.
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