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Passion to deliver, Confidence to succeed and Respect for values. If you have them and believe that together our synergy can add value and help in delivering solutions and services, then we are looking forward to connect with you.

Ways in which you can partner with us

  • Outsourcing partner
  • Vendors
  • Marketing partner
  • Backward/Forward integration partner
  • Recruitment & Staffing services

At Powersoft we value innovation!


Outsourcing benefits:

  1. Access to a pool of young talents and experienced team. We as a software development company has already put together the team you need. It is not necessary to recruit new talent; train to starting the project is reduced.
  2. Access to technological expertise. Technology is moving at lightening speed. It can be difficult for companies to remain inline all the time on all fields of technological updates. Areas of Internet application on which we concentrate most our developers/executives plan execute process to acquire the skills necessary to service the ongoing advances in technology.
  3. Reduce HR costs. The project cost is agreed upon up front but not limited to if there are major changes suggested in later stage of agreement, so there are no surprises as far as the projects that require their services. When outsourcing, HR costs are limited to the project duration.
  4. Control Projects Costs. The project cost is agreed upon up front so there are no surprises as far as the project budget is concerned, but it’s not restricted to as many changes suggested in later stages effects costing. The product specifications, conditions, and deliverables should be agreed upon in the project contract.
  5. Increase Project Management Capabilities. An experienced software development company understands and utilizes project management principles. These are fully integrated into the process we use to deliver your project. Their skills can be added to your own to ensure the successful completion of your project.
  6. Improve efficiency of in-house staff allocation. Scheduling of your resources is more efficient since in-house personnel can be assigned to current, critical, or ongoing projects. Finding time for a new project can be difficult when current in-house resources are being utilized to their maximum capabilities.
  7. Timely Project implementation and completion. A well-defined and planned project should be delivered within the timeline set out in the project documentation provided by the software developer. Having a team dedicated to the project eliminates the need to pull staff when more urgent or daily issues arise. When the project is outsourced to an experienced and professional software developer, in house work can be better managed, and the completion date of your project will not be affected by day to day in house issues.

Source: Article by John Parker, A-1 Technology, Inc.

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1. Reisetorget.no is Norway's leading internet travel package solutions provider. Powersoft as its technology partner has been providing complete solutions and support for the last two years.

“ The professionalism and commitment of the members of Powersoft Technologies Inc has exceeded our expectations at all the fronts”

- G.Carlstrom, CEO, Reisetorget

2. "We didn’t think we could find a system that could solve our complex needs at a reasonable price. Powersoft not only provided a system but also an excellent implementation team to make sure we were successful. Their business process recommendations helped us tremendously."

-   CIO, Trux International.
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